Dive into Pool Party 

The inaugural POOL PARTY will bring together artists from across disciplines for one-night-only collaborations. From music, visual art, and performance to interactive installations, POOL PARTY is a one-of-a-kind experience that welcomes young creatives from across Toronto's artistic communities. Join us for a night of artistic boundary-pushing and community. Or just come hang out on the couch.

June 20th 2023 at The Baby G

Women were taught to whisper, so all they would do is watch.

In the immediate aftermath of sexual assault, She begins. MORNING AFTER follows the lives of several women as they question their validity in the world and wonder if they will ever be free of this. Through music and movement, these individuals navigate the inconsistency of healing and dare to live for tomorrow. 

July 5th-16th at Native Earth’s Aki Studio, presented as part of the 2023 Toronto Fringe Festival

Echo and Narcissus lock eyes in a club- and the world begins to float. 

Heartbreak, love, sex, psychedelics and one adorable dog all combine as the two relive their whirlwind relationship. Remixing the Greek Myth into the style of euphoria, ECHO asks what place love has in a world in love with itself.

October 18th-29th at BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES, presented as part of the 2023 NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL