“Maybe I'm selfish, like all the other artists. And maybe I was just becoming the person he

wanted me to be- and all I'll ever be is a lover. But let's be real: we all want to be a lover.”

Echo and Narcissus relive the story of their relationship, starting from when they first share a look in a club called the Pathless Woods. Set in a world between today and Ancient Greece, Echo and Narcissus navigate what it means to be an artist, a lover and a human being in a selfish world.

next stage festival 2023

ECHO will play the Next Stage Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre from October 18th-28th. For tickets and more info, click here.

Cast 陳佳琦 Jennifer Tan & Tom Shoshani

Director Robert Morrison

Associate Director Katarina Fiallos

Lighting Designer Mathilda Kane

Sound Designer Olivia Wheeler

Costume Designer Rebecca Chaikin

Producer Olivia Seward

Stage Manager Ciaran Brenneman

Assistant Stage Manager Laurie-Anne Rohaly

Intimacy Director Avery Rose

development & history 


ECHO was developed over the course of a year with a workshop and two stagings: one in Toronto and one in Edmonton. 

It premiered at The Theatre Centre as a part of the Terra Firma Festival in Toronto in May 2022 with the following team: 

Playwright Kole Durnford 

Director Robert Morrison 

Starring Jenn Tan & Tom Shoshani 

Movement Dir. Taylor Collis Intimacy Dir. 郝邦宇 (Steven) Hao

 Assistant Intimacy Director Avery Rose

Composer Ben Yoganathan  Lighting Design Mathilda Kane 

Costume Design Nazerah Carlisle Set Design Anna Kollenberg 

Stage Manager Olivia Seward ASM Laurie-Anne Rohaly

Production Manager Annasofie Jakobsen 


It was remounted at the 2022 Edmonton Fringe with the following team:

Playwright Kole Durnford

Director Robert Morrison Associate Director Katarina Fiallos

Intimacy Director Avery Rose

Starring Isabelle Ellis & Tom Shoshani

Composer Ben Yoganathan

Lighting Design Mathilda Kane

Costume Design Nazerah Carlisle

Stage Manager/Producer Olivia Seward